Cann-ID Support Portal: Overview

Cann-ID Support Portal: Overview

Cann-ID Support


Customer Portal New User / Log In 

Portal URL:
  1. If you have not already created an account, please set yourself up as a New User by selecting ‘New User? Sign Up’. You will be required to provide some very basic information to sign up.
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Captcha text 
  2. Once you have signed up, a Cann-ID customer service representative will approve your account for access into the support portal.
  3. If you are in our CRM system, the website will attach you to your account based on your email. Please be sure to use the same email address you gave Ionization Labs.
  4. Cann-ID Ordering, Support, and Knowledge Base can also be accessed through myCann-ID through the side bar menu.

Website Actions

  1. Home Screen: You can order consumables, review the most recent Knowledge Base articles or select Tickets to review your past and current Tickets.
  2. My Tickets: You can view your Open, Closed and On Hold Tickets. You can also submit a new  ticket by selecting the ‘+’ button. 
  3. Knowledge Base: Here you can access informational articles to help you operate Cann-ID efficiently.

Order Consumables Online

  1. By clicking the "Order Consumables" button on the home page, you will be redirected to a Weekly Product Update Request form. Here you can request consumables that you will need in order to analyze samples through myCann-ID.
  2. Products that you can order are:
    1. Calibrants
    2. Consumables Kits
    3. Mobile Phase A
    4. Mobile Phase B
    5. GummyPak SPK or Starter

Submit a Service Ticket

You will need to provide a Subject Line, Priority, Classification, and a complete description. Please be as thorough as possible when providing the description.

Service Ticket Classifications:
  1. Question: Ask any question to the Ionization Labs Team 
  2. Calibration Check: Request to have your calibration curve reviewed 
  3. Calibration: Request to have your calibration reviewed and updated 
  4. Test Results: Request to have your test results reviewed 
  5. Hardware: Do you believe you have a hardware issue 
  6. Software: Are you having software issues with Chemstation or Cann-ID 
  7. Column and/or guard cleaning: Do you need assistance with cleaning your system, your column and/or column guard 
  8. Column/Guard Change: Do you need assistance with changing your column and/or column guard 

Access the Knowledge Base

  1. Here you will find all past and current articles that pertain to running the HPLC, sample prep, changing mobile phase or column/column guards, and calibrations.
  2. The Knowledge Base will be routinely updated with new documents and/or updates to existing documents. 
  3. Select what category you want to review, and then the select the specific article.

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