Cann-ID v3.0.1 Software Release Notes

Cann-ID v3.0.1 Software Release Notes

Cann-ID Report Methods, Chemstation Import & CERTUS© Reports

Cann-ID Software Release Version 3.0.1 | Release Date: May 9th, 2022 

Release Notes

A new version of Cann-ID software is scheduled for release beginning on Wednesday May 4th for Autosampler based Cann-ID systems.

Note: Since this update affects the CannID drivers, there will need to be scheduled down time on your instrument to perform the update. Our Support staff will be reaching out to schedule approximately 30 minutes of downtime for this update beginning Monday May 9th. If you have not been contacted by Friday May 4th to schedule your update, please submit a ticket. Any other questions our team is available to help answer them.  

New CannID Report Methods Added:

  • Create Sample/Analyze New Sample form requires choosing the new option Report Method to identify which testing method is being performed and what analytes, in specific order, the test should yield results for

  • New ‘Default’ Report Method functionality allows a single method to be assigned as the Default for the org. If selected as Default, that Report Method will appear first in the Report Methods page list and first in any dropdown list while creating/editing samples. Only 1 default can be selected

  • Report Methods list updated to display whether the test result should perform Total Calculated Potential calculations on the results. Editing form for Report Methods updated to display associated Calculated Total Potential associations (uneditable)

  • New ‘Create’ page for building Report Methods from scratch. Includes declaration of report method name, default toggle, analyte builder, and Calculate Total Potential attachment.

  • Option to build new report method from Template (a report method that already exists), or build from scratch by adding analytes one at a time. 

  • All analytes listed require a name and color declaration. 

  • Note: Currently the name is very specific and must match what the analyte name will be in the resulting IRReport exactly in order to report it!

  • Analyte reporting order is editable with left & right arrows when creating a report method. Order left to right will report top to bottom on the test results page.  

  • Calculated Total Potential of analytes can be added to custom reports but requires both the primary and acid related analytes to be present in the Report Method in order to attach calculated total potentials.

Chemstation Import Updates:

  • Toolbar ‘Manage’ button displays when no results, or partial results, exist. 

  • Previous #admin url import removed and replaced with new ‘Import Chemstation Run’. Link to new import page added to Manage dropdown menu

  • Import Chemstation Run page has sample info metadata box. Add new functionality via text filtering and calendar filtering tools for filtering available results to import

  • Available import list on Import Chemstation Run page updated to include section of results loose (no sequence or sample folder) in the \Data folder

  • Available import list on Import Chemstation Run page numbers the .D results by time created. Note at top of page indicates which vial is to be imported

  • Sample info metadata box updated to include Prep Methods display (doesn’t display on Share test result page)

  • Import Chemstation Run importing page link hidden if no driver connection exists. This is because importing from the local file system requires the driver to perform functionality

Raw Data and Metadata Updates:

  • Sample info metadata box displays when no results, or partial results, exist

  • Chromatograms display on Share test result page

  • Admin or higher privileges only! New links in toolbar download dropdown to download a zipfile of all the chromatograms, or the raw data .D zipfiles

  • New prep method vials display in Sample info metadata box.  Prep method vials are Interactive if the result exists for that specific vial. Clicking navigates to a new ‘raw data’ page for that vial which displays all associated metadata captured, compounds found (with the raw data from the quantitation report, IRReport), and the chromatogram. Metadata info includes local folder and file path to where the data was imported or uploaded from

  • Vial raw data page has blue Copy buttons on the right of each metadata item for quick copying. Streamlines the process to copy folder paths or the IRReport file path when navigating the local drive in Windows Explorer

  • Bug Fix: Updated handling with respect to new IRReport creation Prevents bug related to redrafting reports in Chemstation. Results are assigned to specific vials and prevents writing of incorrect data to a vial even if results don’t exist. Prevents overwriting results and requires the user to Clear results in order to Import updated results. 

  • Error handling and messaging/feedback for failed chromatogram display

Instrument Control Updates:

  • Cannot delete sample when present in the sample queue (disabled button in test results table)

  • New ‘Manage’ dropdown link to the Edit page for the sample. Disabled when editing is not permitted (i.e. sample in queue, test results exist)

  • Sample test result page displays partially results after first vial. I.e. if results for 1 of 2 vials exists, all calculated results appear as PRELIMINARY RESULTS with the notification text emphasizing the results are not complete. Toolbar buttons are disable for preliminary results to prevent report generate/downloading/printing for incomplete results. 

  • New ‘Notifications Log’ display in Sample Queue to display user feedback when failed result uploads due to internet issues and updated results detected but not written to DB. 

  • Notification Logs display include a Copy icon so that user can copy the log text for submitting tickets 

  • Improved handling of failed results uploading or starting test hooks due to internet issues. Standard handling tries either situation repetitively 6 times at 5 second intervals (30 sec worth of attempts). If it fails all, the starting test hooks displays user feedback in Notifications Log display. After 30 sec of attempts to upload test results, the handling continues to try uploading for 4.5 minutes more (5 minutes total) with intermittent user feedback in the Notifications Log display. After 5 minutes, attempts stop and user is notified that CannID is unable to connect to upload the data

  • Sample Queue buttons updated to prevent issues related to deleting samples from queue. 

  • New Queue button is disabled while tests are being run, user must Stop Run in order to clear the queue. 

  • Remove sample “X” icon for individual samples in queue is only present for completely finished samples (all vials have results), completely untested vials which are not currently being tested, and if the Stop Run button has been clicked and the instrument in in an idle state

  • Bug Fix: Update so you cannot Clear sample test results if the sample is still in the sample queue

Styling Changes:

  • Share modal updated styling

  • Over graphics: Mobile Phase bottle text and Prep Method vial text cleaned styling with text halo for better readability

  • COA Revision- Updated instruction on how to authenticate results via certus. New Cannid logo, and header format. Coa now has Green Ocean Sciences in footer

  • Sample toolbar moved to top of sample results page. Toolbar present and available when no results, or partial results, exist. New ‘add to queue’ button in toolbar

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